Plastic boxes

Set plastic boxes 18x27E (WxD) 306x459mm FH 50mm 24 plastic boxes


Plastic boxes: Designed in a modular fashion, the boxes can be inserted in drawers of all sizes. Specification: plastic boxes, label holders and dividers made of polystyrene plastic. Colour: red.


Partition material sets excluding clip-on label holder.

51.70 CHF
incl. of VAT

Technical specifications

Description Plastic boxes For front height mm 50
Net weight kg 0.7 Drawers useful width mm 306
LISTA units 18 x 27 E Drawers useful depth mm 459
Height mm 26 Specifications 24 plastic boxes 75 x 75 mm

Product-specific advantages


Tremendous design diversity and modularity
with preconfigured sets and freely combinable separate components such as slotted partitions, metal separators, plastic boxes, troughs, etc.


Fully combinable
with the entire LISTA range thanks to standard dimensions


Quick and easy installation
as the walls surrounding the interior of the drawers have a slotted grid and the bottoms of the drawers are perforated for the insertion and attachment of slotted partitions, metal separators, milling cutter holders and holding pins


Professional labelling
with LISTA Script labelling software for labels, clip-on label holders and barcode holders