Plastic boxes

Set plastic boxes 18x27E (WxD) 306x459mm FH 75mm 14 plastic boxes


Plastic boxes: Designed in a modular fashion, the boxes can be inserted in drawers of all sizes. Specification: plastic boxes, label holders and dividers made of polystyrene plastic. Colour: red.


Partition material sets excluding clip-on label holder.

47.05 CHF
incl. of VAT

Technical specifications

Description Plastic boxes For front height mm 75
Net weight kg 0.9 Drawers useful width mm 306
LISTA units 18 x 27 E Drawers useful depth mm 459
Height mm 46 Specifications 8 plastic boxes 75 x 75 mm, 4 plastic boxes 75 x 150 mm, 2 plastic boxes 150 x 150 mm